Sound Magic: Simon Emmerson – A Visionary

I first met Simon over thirds with his beloved birdsrty years ago. He was working with Baaba Maal the singer from Senegal, and Davy Spillane, an Irish Piper. He was producing them at The Strongroom Recording Studios in London.

I had previously been asked by Richard Boote (the manager then) to design the studios. I eventually spent over fifteen years doing five of them. For the one they were in I used a lot of astrological, mystic and Celtic symbols as well as imagery and colour to encourage the the making of sound and music. After finishing there, Simon asked Richard who had done the studio interior, and Richard put him in touch with me.

Simon phoned me and said what a pleasure it had been to work in there, and asked me what were the inspirations for it. He also said that both Baaba and Davy loved it and saw things in it common to their separate cultures.

Simon and I met and gelled, and out of this was formed the idea of creating the AFRO CELT SOUND SYSTEM, still going up to now. We shared so much spiritually, politically and culturally, a love of the world and a need for radical change. it was fantastic to do the artwork and visuals for all their albums and shows. their performances were so joyous and full of hope and healing, full of many magical moments . And Simon always at the centre , a creative power house among a band of inspiring and wonderful musicians. – MAGICAL. – thank you Simon

Simon was fighting cancer, and fighting to complete their latest album. now he is flying skywards and tweeting with his beloved birds

Simon – so missed , so special and a man to be celebrated.

It was an honour to know and work with you, Mate!

For Karen, Ted and Josie. All love

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