Taking Liberties: Ulster University Gallery, Belfast 2022

The latest iteration of the travelling exhibition of political works opens in Belfast September 26th. I quote from the press release…

Infamously and eternally connected with the Sex Pistols and the DIY ethic of punk, Jamie Reid’s image-making has equally, over the decades, been at the centre of activist movements. Taking Liberties! features posters, banners, drawings and collages designed by Jamie Reid with the express purpose of viscerally grabbing the public’s attention, increasing awareness of campaigns for social justice and change from the 1980s to today – against the Poll Tax, English Heritage and colonialism, Clause 28 and the Criminal Justice Bill and promoting the work of Pussy Riot, Occupy London and Extinction Rebellion.

Taking Liberties! is a rare opportunity to see some of Jamie Reid’s original works that not only established an entire counter-cultural visual aesthetic for the late 20th Century but also continues to be central to protest movements today.

Taking Liberties!

Jamie Reid

Ulster University Art Gallery, York Street, Belfast.

26th September to 26th November 2023

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